Arizona Hard Cider is THE ONLY locally produced cider in the state of Arizona! Launched in 2016 by its parent company, Desert Rock Winery, in Scottsdale, AZ, Arizona Hard Cider has already made a big impact in the Arizona cider market. The two lines of cider, Headbanger Hard Cider and Cinndelicious, have already been picked up by all of the Total Wine & More locations in Arizona, along with Costco jumping on board to store their shelves with the ciders in select stores.

What makes us different than other commercial ciders? NO RESIDUAL SUGAR! No more headaches or feelings of severe bloatedness! Both ciders are barrel fermented with an end result of no residual sugar. The Headbanger Hard Cider is mixed with 1% of our Headbanger American Gold whiskey, while the Cinndelicious is fermented with all natural cinnamon sticks via an infusion tube.